Randall, Shelby's dad, came into my single-mom life when my son Ross was 10 and daughter Maddie was 7. Our family was complete. Or so we thought! One day, a beautiful delight surprised us and shortly afterwards, Shelby was born! This child was the bright shining star of all our lives, and I am proud to say she touched hundreds of people in her four short years.  Her joy at watching someone blow a bubble or the way she squealed when she finally learned how to jump off a curb or the excited smile she got when she rode a carousel was pure magic. She taught me to appreciate the "now" and to take delight in small things. Her obstacles were many but she carried herself with pride and love for all things.  I miss so much about her: the way she patted my back, the way she smelled after bubblebaths, the chewed book corners, her heavy breathing in my ear when she fell asleep on my shoulder.  But I take comfort in knowing that this dear girl and the lessons she imparted will not be forgotten, ever, and I am grateful to those who keep her spirit close to their heart.  I love you, Lu!!!
          Shelby Clark Memorial Fund
Shelby was the most special gift I have ever received.  I loved her with all of my heart.  I enjoyed playing music with her, jumping on the trampoline, camping, hiking, golfing, Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, taking her to school, and all my time spent with Shelby.  Shelby was the most careful and caring person I have ever met.  She never judged and was the first person to give a warm pat if you ever needed one.  Shelby touched many people's lives and will be missed immensly.  We want to honor her with this memorial fund and website to help keep her spirit alive!